Kudos to Mapleton City!

Sorry for the long delay between blog posts! I want to give a big shout-out to Mapleton City for some recent work. Those of you who have been on the Mapleton Lateral Canal Trail recently know that it has been rolling nice and smooth after an overlay of asphault and it is currently free of sheep poop, so that’s a good thing. I also appreciate the loads of sunflowers that you get to ride through.

The sunflowers are really more vibrant than this crappy selfie suggests!

ALSO! Mapleton or maybe UDOT just repaved Maple Street and not only is it nice and smooth, it has painted bike lanes on the south (uphill) side of the road. The north side of the road is still a patchwork of developed/undeveloped properties, so in some places there is a wide shoulder, in others a very narrow shoulder. But at least now when biking east you can enjoy a nice fat bike lane!

Smooth pavement and a new bike lane. Yeah baby!

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