Group Ride Report 9/26/2020

This morning four members of the Hobble Creek Bicycle Association left the Springville Civic Center at just after 7:30am and embarked on a 40+-mile ride through Mapleton, Spanish Fork, Salem, Payson, Benjamin, and back to Springville. It was a beautiful clear morning with generally light traffic on the road.

A few interesting observations and lessons:

  1. No flat tires and only one thrown chain means we were able to keep riding pretty well.
  2. Lots of other people out riding too, which creates a good sense of community (as long as they wave–people, wave at other cyclists!)
  3. We met a guy from Spanish Fork who was riding his bike to Sandy and back to deliver some sourdough bread as part of a charity project. He had a long ways to go when we saw him!
  4. I noticed some cool birds (Mountain Bluebird, Lewis’s Woodpecker, Western Meadowlark, etc.) along the way. Biking brings you closer to nature.
  5. Only one jerk yelled at us the whole time. She must have been having a bad morning since we didn’t even slow her down as she passed us in her truck.
  6. For rides of more than 30 miles bring food. Trust me.
  7. Grease your chain before you go.
  8. Riding in a paceline rocks. This is why you should ride with friends.