Where to Ride: Mountain Biking

Currently, the Hobble Creek area only has a few good MTB options, however, please check out our “Future Plans” page for the proposed master trail plan for the area. Below is a brief description of the most popular trails in the area.  If you click on the hyperlink for each trail you will be directed to Trailforks for further details on the trail.  Currently, the most popular MTB trails in the area are: 

1. Maple Canyon Trail (To the top of Whiting Campground) 

The Maple Canyon Trail from the equestrian parking at the mouth of the canyon to the top of the campground is probably the most popular MTB trail in the area. This is an intermediate single-track trail that is used by mountain bikers, hikers, and equestrian users. It roughly parallels the road going up to the campground, then when you reach the campground turn left to cross the stream and you will find the last part of the trail starting just up-canyon from the host campsite. This will end at the top of the campground at a parking lot for a total one-way distance of about 1.5 miles.  

 Maple Canyon Left Fork Trail (Above Whiting Campground) 

The Maple Canyon Trail continues above the Whiting Campground but the trail begins as a loose, rocky, wide trail and eventually transforms into a more typical single-track MTB trail after about a mile climb up to the first river crossing.  This upper section above the campground is more challenging for beginner riders, but can be a fun skills challenge as you climb loose rock on the trail.  The trail becomes very challenging after the third river crossing and this is the point that most riders turn around to begin their descent.  The downhill is epic and flowy, but as you descend keep a close eye for oncoming bikers, hikers, and horses.  

2. Bonneville Shoreline Trail (Springville to Provo) 

The Bonneville Shoreline Trail currently begins near Spring Creek Canyon and heads north to Provo.  Sometimes the trail is hard to follow, but if all else fails head north and you should eventually find it. This section of trail is an intermediate trail with sections of single-track, double-track, and dirt/gravel road. There are a few steep sections that will be hike-a-bike for most, but other sections are fun and flow well. You’ll get a good workout for sure and this can be a nice option on cooler days (and insanely hot on hot days). We are currently working to improve the trail from Spring Creek Canyon to the base of Hobble Creek Canyon.

3. Wardsworth Creek (Hobble Creek Canyon) 

If you follow the right fork up Hobble Creek Canyon a little ways past Balsam Campground you will find the Wardsworth Creek trail on your left through the cattle gate.  Wardsworth is a fun intermediate trail, with stream crossings and a few steep sections that might require some hike-a-bike.  After about a 1.5 mile climb make a left at the fork in the trail.  You can head on the right fork, which is also a great trail, but it requires you to cross the creek about every couple hundred yards or so and becomes annoying for most mountain bikers.  ((Side note: With some trail work and bridge building the right fork of the trail would be the best option.)) Anyway, when you make a left and head up the hill on the Dry Creek Cutoff (brutal climb), eventually the trail flattens out a bit and you will end up at a stock pond (rarely full) at the top of the trail where most turn around to make their descent. 

4. Packard Canyon (Hobble Creek Canyon)

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This trail starts at the large turnoff/trailhead on the right side of the dirt road a little ways past Wardsworth Creek trailhead. The beginning is a little difficult to navigate (the Trailforks app is your friend!) but once you figure it out to are treated to several miles of nice, flowy singletrack. You can treat this as an out-and-back or else (for a bit of a downhill challenge) descend the Mapleton-Sawmill Hollow Trail and Kirkman Hollow or Kirkman Alternate Trails to get back to the road (and then ride up the road back to your vehicle). Watch out for dirt bikes on these trails.

5. New Trail Option: Hobble Creek Loop (Temporary name and not official on Trailforks, etc)

This trail is a new option beginning Spring of 2021.  It is a short 1-mile loop at the base of Hobble Creek Canyon.  You can find the trail head of the loop directly across from the retention pond in Hobble Creek on the west side of a small dirt parking lot.  This trail is destined for bigger things and is meant to be the new trail head for the BST headed into Provo, but for the time-being it is a short lap suitable for beginners, but fun enough for more advanced riders to get a quick few pre-work or pre-dinner laps in.  Please see this the following short video for more detailed instructions on how to access/navigate the trail. 

For a more detailed description of area trails, please check out the Hobble Creek area Trailforks page and Utah Mountain Biking for these and additional trails around the Hobble Creek area and beyond.