Benefits of Biking

There are numerous reasons to bike, whether for recreation or for transportation. Here are just a few:

First, biking is an excellent way to exercise, which in turn provides numerous physical and mental health benefits. Studies have shown that regular cycling can promote weight loss, lower blood pressure, improve muscle tone and coordination, and reduce stress and anxiety, among other things.

Second, biking gets you outside and into nature or our local community. You can listen to birds chirping, see deer along the trail, and stop to chat with people along your route. If you are biking instead of driving, you are also improving the air quality for everyone in our community.

Third, biking is a money-saver. If you bike to work, around town, or just around your neighborhood instead of driving, you save gas money and put fewer miles on your car. Plus, bikes do much less damage to our roads than cars do, meaning less maintenance (paid by our taxes) for the community as a whole.

Finally, biking is just plain fun. Whether by yourself, with a partner, or with the whole family, a bike ride is a great way to pass the time.

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