Proposed Mountain Bike Skills Park

The Springville Buildings and Grounds department and Parks Committee have begun discussions about a potential mountain bike skills park at a piece of city property near the mouth of Spring Creek Canyon. Here are the approximate boundaries of the property in question:

As you can see it’s a pretty big piece of ground that until recently was slated to become a normal park with grass and a few trees and playground. We certainly agree that it would be much better as a mountain bike skills park, particularly with its proximity to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail!

What we would like to do as an Association is help to plan the park. We will be meeting on Saturday, December 14, at 10:00, at the property to scope it out and start putting pen to paper. Below you can see a few pictures of the property–as you can see most of it is pretty flat, but the hill leading up to 2080 E is quite steep.

Looking north from 400 South at around 1900 East
Looking north from 400 South at around 1950 East. Note the water tanks on the right.
Looking south from 250 South at around 1900 East–this show the flat section of the property quite nicely
There is already a wide trail on this bench area that runs along the northeast side of the property below the steep hill. Unfortunately it ends up running into private property that will soon be houses, but this part will be usable.
A view of the park from the top of the steep dirt bike trail that is visible on the left side of the last picture and on Google Maps (it ends on the Forest Service road). From here you can get a sense of how steep the grade is, but I think there are possibilities of creating a few switchbacking trails–one for uphill riding and one for downhill.

For some ideas of the kinds of features we might want to include in the mountain bike park, here are links to a couple of local parks that are popular: the Draper Bike Park, and the Mountain Ranch Bike Park in Eagle Mountain. So check them out, come to our meeting, and let us know what you want to see here in Springville!