First Group Ride of 2021!!

Next Saturday March 6th is the Hobble Creek Bicycle Association’s first group ride of the season. We will be doing a group ride every other Saturday on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month March through October. Start times will vary depending on the route and the weather but they will be announced along with the routes. We will start easy and short and build up to longer rides as the season progresses with short rides interspersed.

The ride routes will be posted here on HCBA Facebook page a week prior to the ride as well as the day before the ride. Likewise the rides will be posted on HCBA’s Strava Club page and on the HCBA website. If you’re not a member of the HCBA Strava Club join now!

We invite all to join in on our rides. All rides will begin at the front doors of Springville High School. Riders are encouraged to meet there and plan on riding with the group. However, there are no restrictions on these rides. We understand riders are at differing levels of ability. You can join the ride anytime, anywhere along the planned route, you can ride at your own pace, you can drop out of the ride anytime. Our intention is to make these rides social, fun and challenging.

If anyone has suggestions for routes please send them to Eight of the 16 routes have been created. The other eight will follow soon but we’re happy to accept suggestions for your favorite routes. The route suggestions need to be a minimum of 15 miles.

The ride on March 6th will begin at the front doors of SHS at 11:00am. It will be a 16 mile easy ride to the end of the Mapleton Lateral Trail and back. Much of the ride will be on roads in addition to the trail itself. It appears from the weather forcast that the temps will be in the mid to high 50s. Here is the link to the route map: